The AutomatedWebTest is the base class for all test classes in a Qadenz-powered test project. This class is responsible for gathering parameter values from the TestNG Suite XML file, configuring and starting a WebDriver instance on a Selenium Grid for each test method, stopping the WebDriver after each test, and invoking the reporters after the Suite has completed.

Classes that hold @Test methods must extend this class in order for tests to run using Qadenz configurations.

The Execution Cycle

Before the Suite Begins

The first task performed after launching a Suite execution is to capture a timestamp and save as the suiteStartDate value on the WebConfig. This will be used later by the reporter to calculate the duration of the execution. Next, the Suite-level parameters are retrieved from the ITestContext, which were specified by the user on the TestNG Suite XML file. The gridHost is validated and saved.

Before Each Test

Repeated before each test method, the Test-level parameters are retrieved from the ITestContext, which are the browser, browserVersion, browserConfigProfile, platform, timeout, appUrl, retryInterceptedClicks. These parameters are validated and saved to the WebConfig.

Once all the parameters are processed, the WebDriver can be launched and execution of a test method can begin. The CapabilityProvider is invoked to configure the browser session. The CapabilityProvider calls values on the WebConfig and attempts to load any Browser Config Profiles declared in one of the browser configuration JSON files. This process chooses a browser, determines if a specific version of the browser is required if a version has been declared, ensures that the test will be run on the appropriate OS if one has been specified, and applies any arguments provided on the JSON file if a matching Browser Config Profile was found.

These options are then used to configure and initialize a WebDriver instance, which is in turn set on the WebDriverProvider.

Finally, the browser window is maximized, and the appUrl value is loaded.

After Each Test

At the end of each test method, the WebDriver is stopped.

After the Suite Ends

The final task of the execution cycle is to capture a second timestamp as the suiteEndDate on the WebConfig.


The default TestNG reporters are not disabled by default, so the standard HTML & XML reports will be generated, along with the emailable-report.html. Next, the TestReporter is invoked which generates the Qadenz Reports in JSON and HTML formats.

Last modified July 14, 2023